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Victorian Candidates


Yuting Gu

Victorian Senate Candidate 

Yuting is studying nursing at Monash Clayton. Ever since she was young she had a dream of helping those who need support.  Yuting's passion is for public health and she will endeavour to make improvements working with the State of Victoria to increase spending on hospitals and promote the hiring of more Australian doctors and nurses.  She believes in putting the health of Australian's first and to do this she has committed to the Australian People's Party to achieve the much needed advocacy for better hospitals and hospitals for tomorrow.  Yuting will use her knowledge in the medical field to become a key spokesperson for health and wellbeing of all Australians.  She is a much needed fresh and dynamic person ready for the challenge.  

Voters wishing to contact Yuting can do so via email:

Louis Fenollar

Divison of Flinders

Louis enjoys politics and has always been keen to be a spokesperson for the people of his community.  His aim is to do good things for the people whose needs are most important.  Louis was a soccer player with major teams in Victoria and he also played rugby.  He is a professional tiler and enjoys the art of tiling.  He has worked as a tiler all his working life.  Louis wants to get into government to help all people and prevent existing politicians from doing damage to the Australian population as a whole.  Louis will be a strong voice for the people of Flinders.

Voters wishing to contact Louis can do so via email:​

Enos Masonga

Division of Melbourne

Enos is 24 year old young man aspiring to represent Melbourne in Federal Parliament.  He is a professional executive with a passion in property and real estate, although he has worked in many other fields such as retail, sales and transport and logistics. Enos' goal is to help change and improve the living standards for Australians and help shape the future for generations to come.

Voters wishing to contact Enos can do so via email:

Tegan Burns

Division of Calwell

Tegan Burns, has always been highly passionate about youth and the criminal justice system. She holds a huge passion about making changes to suit peoples living. Her passion for politics is held extremely high as she wants the best for everyone. She stands for everything she believes in very strongly.  She comes from a very cultural background and is very diverse. If you want change, if you want someone who will stand for you with a big voice and bright ideas to suit everyones needs, then vote 1 for Tegan Burns.

Voters wishing to contact Tegan can do so via email:


Division of Scullin

Mary has been an accountant for over 25 year and worked from small to big major accountant firms, she also managed staff and has done auditing, full tax compliance, BAS for companies and individuals and filed tax returns and managed clients' files.  Mary also deals with clients' superannuation funds. Mary completed a certificate in real estate and worked in real estate for nearly 5 years as management agent. She has over 25 years in management affairs of corporate balance sheets, auditing and controlling the economic balances sheets.  She decided to enter into federal politics on the basis of what she has seen throughout this year in relation to the national debt and the way the banks treat the people.  She feels the government should have more control over the private and major banks.  The current political parties, she feels, have allowed the banks to rip the people off.  Mary says "it is time to put the brakes on the all lenders and put into place a jury system to hear the evidence in relation to the banks misconduct against the people and our farmers."  Mary's commitment to the Division of Batman is clear when she says "I want to be in the treasury to make sure that our country will get out of debt once and for all and come back in the black within one year of being elected. I will put a bill in place to buy back all the Australian public assets and put it all back in public control. There will be no more foreigners buying Australian assets full stop!"

Voters wishing to contact Mary can do so via email:

David Colangelo

Division of Casey

David is a husband and a father of two.  He grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne  on the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and the gateway to the Yarra Valley. David has run car dealerships, worked in the real estate industry, driven trucks and has been self employed.  He is currently a car salesman. David has witnessed this great country go through various economic cycles but the one thing he admires is the spirit of the Australian people. He feels the Australian people have been robbed in many ways and wants to fight to uphold the Constitution.  David feels that reform is needed for our tax system and the economy. He has seen many core values fundamental to being Australian slowly being eroded. David believes our banks appear to be corrupt and advocates for financial system reform.  David will be a powerful representative of the people of the Division of Casey.

Voters wishing to contact David can do so via email:

Craig Nicholls

​Division of Bruce

Craig is a fourth generation Australian who grew up at a time when children played in the streets until dark, collected glass soft drink bottles for 20 cents each just to buy mixed lollies from the local milk bar, a time where Australians had the freedom to be children and where parents would have barbecues and a few drinks with the neighbours. Craig has worked as a fence builder, furniture maker and even a carpet layer.  He was in the Australian Army from 1991 to 1997 as a Parachute Rigger ECN 345 and was medically discharged because of injuries. Since that time Craig has had two retail computer businesses, been a truck driver, worked in the motorcycle industry and has now completed a commercial cooking course in the hopes of one day creating his own signature dish.  Craig dabbles with writing and dreams of one day being published.  Craig says "Australia today is a shadow of it former self, with many international laws now controlling our way of life to the economic woes many of us struggle with everyday. I believe in our Common Law, our Constitution and the Aussie way of life.  I would like to see the average Australian get a fairer deal economically and a louder voice in Parliament, a transparent Government were Australians come first and foremost." He is a believer in banking reform and in big business paying their fair share of tax, and giving the battlers the tax cuts instead.  Craig has a serious interest in how our country is being run and will be a strong leader for the Division of Bruce.

Voters wishing to contact Craig can do so via email:

Weixia Wen  

Division of Hotham

Weixia (Wendy) is originally from China where she studied and attained excellent academic qualifications.  Weixia is now devoted to her new home, Australia.  She is a single mother with one child and understands the battles that single mothers face in challenging economic and social conditions.  She wants to do all that is within her power to assist single mothers and believes the Australian People's Party's plan to reinvigorate the jobs market and productivity for Australians first by providing greater financial incentives to work, even one, two or three jobs through the strategy of increasing tax returns and eliminating asset barriers for gaining the pension in retirement which are all catered for by the party priority of a new tax initiative.  Weixia understands the needs of modern and diverse Australians and recognises the power of education in creating unity and harmony and for Weixia the Division of Hotham with its ecclectic and exciting diversity of Australians will be the backdrop for her to listen and support others.  Weixia will be a champion of rights and higher living standards.

Voters wishing to contact Weixia can do so via email:

Justin Vida 

Division of Holt

Justin attended Endeavour Hills Tech and Hallam High for his VCE, completing Year 12.  He has since been involved in helping people make a difference.  Customer service roles have been Justin's forte and he has a passion for the law. Justin became a security guard and in a short time was invloved in training others in the industry becoming one of the top 5% in his region.  Justin enjoys real estate and helping others create their own dreams.  He is a father of 3 children, 2 boys and 1 daughter.  Justins says "we have to do everything in our power now in the world we live in to create a better future for our children making sure education is especially funded to give our children the best chance in academically and for life, and making sure every person and neighbour we live with is heard and their opinion expressed."  Justin will be the chosen voice of democracy for the Division of Holt.

Voters wishing to contact Justin can do so via email:

David Williams

Division of McEwen

David is a blue collar worker who is currently a truck driver.  His passion for politics was formed when he realised he had to be in it to make a difference for the people of Australia.

Voters wishing to contact David can do so via email: