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Roslyn Day

Queensland Senate Candidate

Roslyn is an Australian, born in Port Fairy Melbourne. She went to Brighton State School and Sandgate High School in Queensland. She started working full time before she turned 14 years old. Roslyn has been in customer service, sales, stock control and hospitality. She lived in New Zealand for 20 years where she worked as a sales rep for a commercial stationery firm and stock control. Roslyn then joined a marketing business showing others how to stay healthy and avoid using harmful chemicals, she travelled all over New Zealand with this. She came back home to Brisbane at the end of 2008 and recently left her position of 3 years as marketing and account manager for a commercial bakery firm. Roslyn has a diploma in management. She is passionate about our young having opportunities and apprenticeships for their life's work. She is keen to see the hardest up have enough to live on and not end up homeless. Roslyn says, "the cost of utilities needs reducing instead of increasing to pay CEO's huge salaries. It's a worry how many pensioners are having to live in their car when immigrants live like kings in Australia... education funding has been slashed in Australia while the current politicians give billions to third world countries ... and overseas foundations. Overseas companies need to pay tax instead of getting off scott free and taking all our resources.. We need to be the lucky country again, I believe in putting Australia and Australians first." Roslyn will be a Senator for Queensland worthy of the role.

Voters wishing to contact Roslyn can do so via email:​

John Reece

Division of Longman

John was born in Lowood, QLD. He is the father of two children. Schooled at Maryborough Boys High, he completed a fitter and turner trade at Walkers’ Maryborough and was a fully qualified tradesman by the age of 20. He has worked as a fitter in many industries and sales, eventually working his way up to QLD manager. John’s hobbies include restoring and racing Mini Coopers. He was an independent candidate for the Longman electorate in 2010. John grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, when Australia was the best country in the world to live in. Since the 70’s, politicians of all parties have been gradually destroying Australia. His aim is to bring back 50’s and 60’s for future generations. He is hoping to give Australia a new start and bring Australia back to Australians!

Voters wishing to contact John can do so via email: