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Australian People's Party

New South Wales Candidates


Steven Georgantis

New South Wales Senate Candidate


Steven was born in Sydney Australia. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Economics majoring in Economics and Accounting. He was employed by the Australian Taxation Office for 31 years. During his employment with them he was a Senior Technical Officer and held several management positions. Steven is a member of the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW and volunteer at his local church. Steven believes the major parties have let down the Australian people because they base their policies on party allegiances, ideology and self interest and are beholden to those making donations.Steven has organizational and analytical skills and common sense. He is results focused plus he has problem solving skills which he demonstrated during his tax career. Steven bases decisions on what is fair rather than on what he can get out of the solution because he appreciates if the solution is the right one, everyone ends up in a win win situation. Steven believes because of his skills and background he can contribute to creating the best Australia for all Australians. Steven states "We need to start with the next election to provide a better standard of living for all Australians both now and into the future by reducing energy costs, implement tax reform and improve funding for health and education." Steven will be a top class representative for the people of New South Wales.

 Voters wishing to contact Steven can do so via email:

Dani Rifai

Division of Dobell


Dani Rifai's career commenced as an accountant and transitioned into HR. He is currently a self employed business broker working in the Central Coast and Newcastle region. He would like to run for the people in Dobell as he does not agree with what our current politicians have done over the past 30 years and truly believes the he can do better for Australia. Dani has had many achievements in his career but  believes his most important achievement is his family. He has a lot to contribute to this country and would appreciate consideration. 

Voters wishing to contact Dani can do via email:


Barry Sampson

Division of Parkes


Barry Sampson has the credentials.  He has 30 years experience in the biological sciences having been an expert in the area of weed control for the Department of Agriculture and CSIRO.  Barry now runs his own consultancy business WeedBioControl assisting with environmental concerns.  His business provides information, education and appropriate agents for plant hazard control.  Barry has worked with farmers, rangers and students. Barry is passionate about environmental improvement as can be seen by his many testimonials on his website and he will be a positive representative for the Division of Parkes.

Voters wishing to contact Barry can do so via email:

James Platter

Division of Greenway


James has studied at the institute of Technology Broadway Sydney NSW and Macquarie University.  He completed studies in Physics and Organic Chemistry and worked the Atomic Energy Commission.  He later went to do an Electrical Engineering at Granville TAFE and became an Engineer and an administrator in the State Rail Authority of New South Wales.  He tavelled to the United States and studied to be a school teacher in California.  He did further studies at Baptist Christian University and Liberity University.  He worked for five years as a teacher in all age groups in private Christian schools and did further post graduate studies in Psychology at Liberity University.  While studying at Macquarie University, he served in the Army Reserve for 3 years.  James supports a quality, functioning Reserve Army for Australia.  For Greenway, James is passionate about Australian citizens' rights.  He has formed a Bill of Rights model for Australia to assist the development of a Bill of Right added to our Australian Constitution Act 1900 by way of s 128 referendum.  James wants to see Australia develop science thought, education, and research in line with world standards.  Being a former teacher, he fully supports the Australian People's Party priority excellence in education, and quality teachers across Australia with the right curriculum priorities.

Voters wishing to contact James can do so via email: