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The Australian People’s Party runs on a tight budget. We are building a new party from scratch and need your support. Unlike the major parties, we don’t have the financial resources or backing of big business or the Unions. 
Your donation whether big or small will make a huge difference to the election of our candidates and the operation of the party. 
We can only make a difference and create a better Australia with your support.
* Donations totalling up to $1,500 in a financial year are tax deductible. Donations higher than $13,500 in a financial year must be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission.
We won’t accept a donation from an individual or an organisation attempting to lobby us. We reserve the right to reject and refund any donation at the sole discretion of the APP.

Australian People's Party
PO Box 5382 PINEWOOD VIC, 3149

BSB: 036-231
Account Number: 496749


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