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Australian People's Party

Budget Response 2018

The government has announced its budget and the opposition has replied.

Both parties are still focussed on buying votes rather than improving the lives of Australians.

There is no strategy to paying off our huge debt we are leaving our children.

Nor are they focussing on those segments of our community doing it tough.

Our response to the budget is:

Newstart increased by $100 for singles per fortnight and for married couples combined $100 per fortnight. Paid for by introducing simple fraud measures like photo id for all applicants.

We would not support company tax cuts without proper tax reform.Close all tax loopholes and use 75% of the savings to pay down the debt to reduce the debt interest bill.

We would support a new low and middle income tax offset that reduces taxes up to $120,400 but with further tax reform for individuals to simplify the system and offer reduced tax cuts across the board. 
 Current tax scales:
$0                          to       $18,200         0%
$18,201                 to       $37,000         19%
$37,001                 to       $87,000         32.5%
$87,001                 to       $180,000       37%
$180,001  and above                             45%

If we get elected:

Our (APP) tax scales:                                        

0                             to         $40,000       18%.               
$40,001                  to         $120,000     28%       
$120,001                to         $250,000     32%        
$250,001 and above                               45%        
          No work-related deductions would be allowed.
          The tax brackets would be indexed annually by the CPI.
There was also no proposals on high energy prices affecting Australians and businesses. We would support an immediate introduction of a gas reservation policy.

Both major party responses are framed with an election in mind rather than managing the economy and fixing Australia’s problems including immigration, the growing welfare bill, increased government spending, decreasing education standards and declining health system.

The government is relying on the world economy to fund its tax cuts and its increased spending. The government’s forecasts on economic growth are quite optimistic when compared to the experience of the last few years.

Only the Australian People’s Party will focus and address the real issues confronting Australians.